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Brain Health For All

These are the twelve things we can do to promote brain health for all. Start today. One in three of us are having a brain disorder. We are nothing without our brain health. Our brains are the future for us and the future for humanity- future for One health. Majority of the brain disorders are prevntable.

  • Manage and address Mid-Life Hearing Loss

  • Invest on Education , learn something new today , learn about brain health. Be the best advocate for brain health today.

  • Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Manage Hypertension well

  • Address Physical Inactivity and be physically active , walk daily

  • Manage Diabetes well.

  • Do not get in to Excessive Alcohol Consumption - Safest alcohol level is zero in my book

  • Manage Weight /Obesity , watch what you eat ( plenty of fruits and vegetables, minimum carbohydrate ( remember, there is essential fatty acids, essenstial amino acids but nothing in the name of essential carbohydrate )

  • Avoid Smoking

  • Manage Depression ,anxiety, stress well. Be mindful and kindful . Cultivate good human qualities

  • Improve your social contacts and be the nicest human being you can be..

  • Avoid air pollutants


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