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Neurologists specialise in disorders of the nervous system, including the brain. Migraine is the most common neurological disorder with significant disability.


Headache nurses can play a significant role in migraine and headache management by identifying patients and offering them support, empathy, and advice.


Chronic Migraine is an enigma. Most people do not well understand this disorder.​ Sometimes even neurologists and headache experts!


Physiotherapy could potentially reduce musculoskeletal impairments related to neck pain prevalent in some patients.

Exercise Physiology

The current evidence suggests that aerobic exercise therapy decreases the number of migraine days in patients with Migraine

Occupational Therapy

A previous study showed that for those patients who completed four or more sessions of O.T. for headache management there is an overall quality of life.


In large scale, population-based studies, persons with Migraine are from 2.2 to 4.0 times more likely to have depression.


Research has shown that Migraine affects verbal, visuospatial memory, and selective attention tasks.


Psychological factors such as catastrophising of pain are common in Migraine and, along with depression and anxiety, contribute significantly to a migraine-related disability, according to published studies in the past.


Our collaborators such as Professor Algis J Vingrys, PhD, BSc(Optom), PGCertOcTher, FARVO,  FAAO  has had a major interest in the role that new technology (MRF vision tests ) and home-monitoring can have in vision .

Visual Science

Vision drives 90% of our behaviour as humans. We are already working with Eyetelligence
to support clinical decision making in neurological disorders such as Migraine.


Migraine is a whole nervous system disease. Talk to a migraine patient or a family member. They will convince you within minutes.

About AIM

Migraine is the commonest medical disorder, with five million sufferers in Australia.

Migraine continues to be the most misdiagnosed, worst managed brain disorder affecting over a billion people globally. A.I.M. aspires to end Migraine through a co-design model  (with patients, carers and clinicians) and peer support with quality care, collaboration, education, research and the highest quality service throughout Australia and be a model for the rest of the nations in the world. Let us work together to make Migraine a thing of the past.

Multi-disciplinary Team

"We did not have a dedicated institute for Migraine in Australia till today. We are delighted to bring this unique, patient-centred since the very inception of the idea to the future, co-designed with the help of patients and families with fifteen high-quality headache experts and a multidisciplinary team under the same rooftop with virtual access to the patients from all corners from Australia as we continue to expand our services nationally," Prof Wijeratne

AIM Network

Education Affiliations

AIM is affiliated with leading education institutions in Australia..etc....

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