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522 Bell St, Pascoe Vale South, 3044  phone: 03 9101 9846

E Fax :03 9123 4445

Australian Institute of Migraine

Improving Lives and Ending Migraine 

AIM is a dedicated centre for Migraine treatment in Australia. It has been co-designed by the patients and families in collaboration with leading headache specialists from Australia and Overseas.

The AIM team includes 15 specialist headache experts and a multi-disciplinary team covering 10 specialties. Patients have a diverse specialist team caring for them, all working under one roof.


AIM can be accessed from all corners from Australia through our virtual services. AIM centres will be expanding to locations nationally .

The AIM Model

AIM brings together experts from a range of fields to help each and every person that comes to our centre.

We have a multi-disciplinary team, collaborating to improve the lives of people with migraine.

AIM is also a research centre of excellence. Working in conjunction with leading universities we both contribute to and have access to the latest research, treatments and technology.


AIM can be accessed by anyone in Australia through our virtual consulting service. 

Prof. Tissa Wijeratne

Neurologist and co-founder of AIM

AIM aspires to end migraine delivering quality care, education and research.

Prof David Dodick

Mayo Clinic migraine leader

A truely remarkable model and template for other countries

Prof Peter Goadsby

World leading migraine neurologist

It is exciting to see AIM become a reality. This is an important initiative for people living with migraine

Dr Dilani Wijeratne

CEO AIM Co-Founder

Specialised multidisciplinary approach providing pioneering interventions for comprehensive migraine and headache care

Multi Disciplinary Team


Virtual Consultations

AIM Services



Latest Treatments

522  Bell Street, Pascoe Vale South 3044 

Telephone: 03 91019846 E Fax:03 9123 4445


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AIM 'a world first'

"We must work hard to make migraine
a thing of the past"  
-Prof. Tissa Wijeratne
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